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Hair Trends for 2017

Fashion is sticking with the idea of easy elegance. There will be lots of athletic inspired pieces paired with downtown elegance, think Athluxury. Stripes are a must have in everyone's closet. Prints will be inspired by art; you will see lots of paint brush strokes as well as watercolor bleeds. Keep your glammed up sneakers, that trend is sticking around. If all the variations in these trends are making your head spin, you're not alone. That is why hair and makeup will be simple.

Naturally flawless… Simply beautiful …These are the best ways to describe the 2017 hair trends.

Blondes will appear a little "rootier". Do not be fooled by the word rootier. It does not mean you should just let your highlights grow out. Achieving this look without looking foolish will actually require an extra step in between your regular foils. Some of you have already moved in this direction and are very familiar with our Mini Blonde service also known as a New Blonde or Base Break. This will help your roots blend with your highlights as your hair grows out so you do not have a harsh line until your next visit.

Bronde- yes I said Bronde, it was not a typo. This will be the new "Ombre" look. There will still be contrast from roots to ends but it should have flawless blend between the two. Your eye should not see any breaks in the flow from dark to light. You will see some darker and lighter variations of this trend. Rich dark browns blending into caramels or a golden browns transitioning into light blonde.

Brunettes, it's time to bring back your dark sultry locks. Shine is the key to this ultra dark trend. Don't fall flat with matte hair; you want the depth of your color to really reflect. Make sure you talk to your stylist to get the proper products to maintain the high shine without it looking too greasy.

Reds, keep up the good work. No big changes for 2017 so far. We will keep you posted for the fall.

Silver is dominating the fashion shades category for 2017. Pastels will give way to deeper gem tones. You will also see more colors blended on the hair, stylists are really using the full color wheel to mix things up.

The most talked about haircut for 2017 is the medium length Shag. Better known to us as the Sh-Bob, a long shaggy bob. Our stylist Alexandra was ahead of the trend when she started giving her clients this effortlessly stunning look.

Regardless of your cut, styling it has only two options, minimal or full body. Curls… it is your time to shine big and bold. If you choose to go with your natural curls keep them full of volume, the bigger the better. Everyone else keep it low key with minimal body and wave, less is more. Let your color do the talking.

Regardless of whether you try a new trend our keep your classic look we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

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